• Johnny Pressley - Senior minister

    Johnny loves spending time with his wife, Jeanette, his daughter and son-in-law, and his two grandsons. He graduated from Mid-Atlantic Christian University (Bachelor of Arts), where he taught for seven years, Cincinnati Christian University (Master of Divinity), where he taught for twenty-seven years, Princeton Theological Seminary (Master of Theology), and Westminster Theological Seminary (Doctor of Philosophy). Johnny likes to travel, making twenty-six international trips, including New Zealand, Ghana, South Korea, India, and Honduras. He also enjoys long-distance running, having run in nineteen marathons plus many shorter races. You can catch him before sunrise on one of his early morning runs along the Pamlico river. 

  • Tim hallstrom - Youth minister

    Tim comes from the dry Arizona desert. He graduated from Central Christian College of the Bible with a Bachelor of Religious Studies, and Cincinnati Christian University with a Master of Divinity. Tim enjoys reading anything from Alice in Wonderland to East of Eden. When he is not watching The West Wing, Stranger Things, or One Punch Man, you can queue up with him in League of Legends and Fortnite. 

  • Christie wise - administrative secretary

    Christie loves spending time with her husband Mike, a Navy chaplain, her four children, and her four grandchildren. She is living her childhood dream: restoring and preserving her great grandparents' farmhouse, which dates back to 1910. When she is not working, you can find her with a Venti hot caramel latte (2% milk, no whip, please) in one hand, a paintbrush in the other hand, and a Broadway musical in the background.  

  • sandy moore - financial secretary

    Sandy most enjoys spending time with her husband Glen, their two daughters, and their five grandchildren. Sandy is our resident explorer, having traveled to Yugoslavia, France, Austria, England, Ireland, Scotland, and 49 of the 50 states. She has been attending First Church for forty-five years. Your precious newborn will be safe in Sandy's hands and her nursery team. Sandy is a consistent camper, a serious scrapbooker, and a ravenous reader. Ask her sometime about Nikolai II, The Last Tsar -- but be sure you have a fresh cup of English Breakfast tea. 

  • Harley wallace - kids ministry assistant

    Harley enjoys sunflowers, baking, and spending time with her fiancée Ryan. She watches old TV shows from MASH to Wyatt Earp, to new ones, from Avatar: The Last Airbender to any Marvel movie. When she’s not helping with the Children’s Ministry, you can find her playing card games, board games, video games, or playing a soothing song on her violin.